BULLETIN NO. 174             WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 2017



       1.  Today’s schedule (11:00 dismissal): Report to 3rd hour after awards until lunch. Lunch grades 1-3 from 9:40-10:00; 4-6 to 9:50-10:10; 7-9 from 10:20 – 10:40. Grades 10-11 eat from 10:40 – 11:00, but can leave when done eating, or right away if not eating.  We will only release younger siblings if we receive permission before 10:40 a.m, and we will NOT be calling parents for you to request early dismissal. If prior arrangements have not been made you’ll have to wait until 11:00.


       2.  Remember to clean your belongings out of the locker room lockers.  Items left behind after school is out will be thrown or donated!


       3.  Students who were in tech ed be sure to get your fees paid.


       4.  Band members in grades 8-11 are reminded to turn in your Watermelon Days forms.


       5.  Band members in grades 4-8 are reminded to turn in your Summer Lesson forms.


       6.  Be sure to leave your surfaces in the cart TODAY.


       7.  Current 6th graders and 9th graders (and anyone else who hasn’t had a physical in the past 3 years) who plan to participate in athletics next year should be sure to get a physical this summer. Forms are available in the office. We must have a current (within the past 3 years) physical in the office before practice begins in the fall. Questions, see Barb.


       8.  Swimming lesson registration forms for the Lamberton pool are available in the office.


       9.  Softball players need to turn in your clean uniforms to Mr. Stevenson before you leave today..


     10.  TOMORROW: Track sections at Pipestone at 2:00. Bus leaves at 10:40.


     11.  Lunch today: Hamburger, chips, fruit.  Be sure lunch bills are paid before you leave for the summer.


     12.  Today in history: 1990 – U.S. president George H. Bush and his wife, Barbara, welcome Soviet president Mikhail Gorbechev in a ceremony at the White House. Talks on German reunification followed the greeting.


     13.  Happy Birthday today to Jacob Farrington.



       1.  5-12 staff: Be sure to sign up in the office if you want us to order you a lesson plan book, grade book, or daily planner for next year. We only order for those who sign up!


       2.  7-12 faculty: Check with Barb with next year’s detention supervision dates, especially if you wish to change.


       3.  Items for next year’s calendar should be turned in to Barb before you leave for the summer.


       4.  Ann Nelson is offering free 10-minute chair massages for staff members on Thursday, June 1.  Sign up for a time in the office.


  • 5.  Teachers and staff - Mrs. Penner is ready for round one with more to come Thursday and Friday. She has a free first come first take open house of seasonal things, teacher items, and coffee mugs. When you have time feel free to stop in and take what you can use in your classroom – home- or give to a friend. Kathy


       6.  Any books for rebinding needs to be boxed up and placed in the high school sick room. Please use boxes the size of our paper boxes. Be sure to have a count of books you have submitted for binding.


       7.  RRCESPA meeting at 1:00 today in the cafeteria.