7-12 Assignments for the week of February 6th, 2017

7th Grade
Monday Contour Drawings / Self Portrait
Tuesday Contour Drawings / Self Portrait
Wednesday Contour Drawings / Self Portrait
Thursday Self Portrait
Friday Self Portrait

8th Grade
Monday Half Face Drawing
Tuesday Half Face Drawings
Wednesday Half Face Drawings
Thursday Half Face Drawings
Friday Half Face Drawings

Art I
Monday Weave Drawing
Tuesday Weave Drawing
Wednesday Weave Drawing /Self Portraits Due Today
Thursday Weave Drawing
Friday Weave Drawing

Art II
Monday Paper Making
Tuesday Paper Making
Wednesday Paper Making  / Block Printing Due Today
Thursday Paper Making
Friday Paper Making

Monday Wire Sculpture 1
Tuesday Wire Sculpture 2
Wednesday Wire Sculpture 2
Thursday Wire Sculpture 3
Friday Wire Sculpture 3 All Wire Due Today

Advanced Art
Monday Large Freehand Drawing
Tuesday Large Freehand Drawing
Wednesday Large Freehand Drawing
Thursday Large Freehand Drawing
Friday Large Freehand Drawing

Graphic Design
Monday Offered in the future