We invite you to participate in the classes & activities we have to offer. If you would like to make a suggestion for our programs, host a class, become an advisory council member or have any questions, please let one of us know.

Community Ed Directors:
Jenny Stavnes
Stacey Vold

How to Register for a Community Ed Class/Activity:
You may register in person at the high school/district office in Lamberton, or by phone at 507-752-7361.


Ditch the Workout, Join the Party!

Summer is here! What better way to get in shape than Zumba?! Zumba is a cardio dance-inspired workout that gets the whole body involved. Come and get in shape while having some fun with Kate Hagan! Classes are held in the Lamberton School Gym on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7 pm. $5 per session or $15 for 4 sessions.
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Special Event Nights:
June 28th and July 31st: Bring-A-Friend-Night!
Recipe Nights will be posted on the Facebook page and mentioned in class!

Alice 55/Defensive Driving Course
The next RRC Community Education/Alive 55 class will be in the fall of 2017.