2017-18 Red Rock Central ECFE!

Please join us for our Preschool session of ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) classes this February/March. We’re excited to provide parents and guardians of Preschoolers (age 3 or 4 and NOT attending Kindergarten in September of 2018) an opportunity to meet, play, learn and interact with each other along with our ECFE staff.

ECFE is based on the idea that the family provides a child's first and most significant learning environment and parents are a child's first and most important teachers. ECFE works to strengthen families. ECFE's goal is to enhance the ability of all parents and other family members to provide the best possible environment for their child's learning and growth.

A typical class includes:

  • Parent-Child Activity: Time when you and your child together enjoy a classroom filled with developmentally appropriate play and learning activities.
  • Parent Discussion: You’ll meet with other parents and a parent educator to share experiences and information about child development and parenting techniques.
  • Children’s Activity Time: While you are in Parent Discussion (in a separate classroom), children learn and play with early childhood teacher(s). Children practice social skills and will enjoy music, art, snack, stories, and large/small muscle activities.

Our Preschool sessions will run for four Mondays from 6:30-8:00pm.

February 25th
March 5th
March 12th
March 19th


Please register your son/daughter and yourself by calling into the Red Rock Central Elementary Office

507-540-0655 or 888-740-0710. PLEASE REGISTER by Friday, February 16th. Minimum class size = 5


*Please note: If Red Rock Central Schools are closed due to winter weather ECFE classes are also cancelled for the evening*


Any questions please contact ECFE Coordinators:

Deb Huffman – 507-828-6174 deborahannhuffman@yahoo.com

Jenny Stavnes – 507-828-7044 jenstav6@gmail.com



Other ECFE Events that will be offered this year: (exact dates TBD)

Future Falcons Session (those entering RRC Kindergarten in the fall of 2018): April/May


For any questions please contact ECFE Coordinator:
Jenny Stavnes – 507-828-7044  jenstav6@gmail.com