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Sarah Jeong State-bound for Speech
WWG/RRC’s Sarah Jeong is headed for Apple Valley, MN for the 3A State Speech Competition on April 22.  Sarah received third place in Original Oratory at Sections on Saturday at SMSU.  She earned her way there with a third place at Subsections in Montevideo the previous week.  

At Sections this past Saturday, Sarah competed in three rounds of preliminary competitions.  The team waited with many hopefuls as lists for finals were being posted.  Hugs and hi-fives were given all around as Sarah’s name appeared on the list.   She couldn’t believe she had made it.  
“I’m only in 8th grade,” Sarah said, “What?!  I can’t believe I made it!”  
In the final round, Sarah competed along with high school upperclassmen from several schools.  Her piece, “Global Warming Education,” warmed up the judges as her passion on the subject was evident..
“The final round was Sarah’s best performance to date.  She is an aggressive speaker and has improved throughout this season.” Coach Lynn Caygle stated.
During the awards ceremony, Sarah was shocked when third place was announced with her name.  The whole team rejoiced with her.  They congratulated her on a job well done.
I was so happy for her and she totally deserved it with the way she performed!,”  Ethan Price stated.
Sarah has done well all season.  At one Jr. High tournament, she received a second place for Original Oratory.  She double entered with Ethan at another, receiving eighth place in Duo.  
“Sarah has worked really hard this season,” Assistant Coach Kellie Dunn said.
“Sarah is the most dedicated, hardworking young woman one will ever meet.  She knows what her goal is and doesn’t give up until she reaches that goal. Her dedication is admirable and a trait we all wish we possessed as strongly as hers,”  team member Amanda Hartson added.
Sarah and the team will head for the cities on Friday, April 21.
"I am excited to go and watch her compete," Captain Pahnia Vue said. "She has progressed immensely throughout the season, and I'm incredibly proud of how far she has come."

Levi Yang (10th grade), Ethan Price (8th grade) also competed in Sections last Saturday.   Levi performed, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”  by Dr. Suess.  Ethan, one of our Storytellers, told stories from “Ready to Tell Tales” edited by David Holt and Bill Mooney.

Several members of the WWG/RRC Speech Team were present to cheer on the 3 Section advancers.