Fall Update

Welcome back to another school year!  In September I am busy stopping by the classrooms to greet the students and give a short presentation on what I do at school. Here's what else I will be doing this fall with the students.

9th grade will again be doing some career exploration in their computer class.  Ms. Guetter and I will work together to guide the students through an interest inventory, exploring careers that match up with their interests, and discovering what high school classes would be beneficial for their future.  They will be using the MN Career Information System website for the most up to date information.  

10th grade will expand on what they learned about themselves last year, and start to explore various careers.  We will join 1,200 area students at the annual Career Expo at SMSU in Marshall on October 3rd.  Students will have a chance to try hands-on activities, partake in a campus tour, and compete in a game show about careers in Southwest Minnesota.  

The 10th graders will also take the Pre-ACT test on October 18.  While this can be used as a practice ACT test, it is also a tool to start an in-depth career exploration.  Students will receive results on careers, their skills, and college readiness.  

11th grade will be getting an introduction to the college planning process.  We will learn the types of colleges, requirements to be accepted to college, and how to start exploring choices.  Students will be encouraged to start making campus visits and meeting with the college reps that visit our school.  Juniors and their parents received a Junior Newsletter with information about what we discussed.  For more info on this, check out the Career and College planning page!

12th grade will be jumping right in to planning for their future.  Fall is an excellent time for campus visits and filling out college applications. Seniors and their parents were given a Senior Newsletter with valuable information. Keep this handy and refer to it when necessary.  Seniors should also be checking the scholarship page frequently for updates.  Lastly, make sure you have the annual Financial Aid date on your calendar!  We will host a speaker from SMSU to walk you through the financial aid process on November 14th at 6:00 p.m.  This night is for parents and students!

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