Latest News from Grades 5-8

This month I am visiting all of the classrooms in grades 5-8 to introduce myself and remind students how I can help them.  I also give information on how to find me at school, and what to do if they need to talk to me.

In grades 5-6, I am using a series of lessons with a social media and technology theme called #connected.  We will cover goal setting, emotions, responsibility, stress management, and more.  The lessons all center on realizing how we are all connected to one another, and how we can strengthen those connections.

junior highIn grades 7-8, I am able to see the students during their 4A study time.  This 20-minute time slot is perfect for me to stop in and just visit, or teach a short lesson.  I will be working with the students to decide what they would like to learn about this year, and developing plans from there.