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In grades 7-12, RRC students are not required to have a certain set of school supplies.

The list below is a suggested list, but each student can customize their supply list for their needs.

  • 1/2 inch 3-ring binder (for all 9th graders) 
  • Spiral bound notebook (5-6, enough to have one for each main class)
  • Plastic, heavy-duty folder (5-6, enough to have one for each main class)
  • Calculator (TI-30 or any other basic scientific calculator)
  • Pencils (20 wooden or mechanical)
  • Pens (4-5 Blue/Black)
  • Highlighter (1)
  • Ear Buds
  • Phy Ed clothes (T-shirt, shorts, socks, shoes, deodorant)
  • JUMBO stretchy Book covers (4) 
  • Soft, zippered pencil pouch
  • Assignment notebook or planner (recommended that all students use one, but not required)