In November, our thoughts turn to fall - Veteran's Day, turkeys, falling leaves and scarecrows.  November is also Career Awareness Month.  

Grades K-2 played a fun game called Tattling Turkeys.  We had to learn the difference between tattling and reporting.  Tattling is when you are trying to get someone in trouble.  Reporting is when someone is stealing, being hurt, or destroying property.  Students are working on stopping to think if something is tattling or reporting before they rush up to the teacher.  

Grades 3-4 played different games to learn about careers in our community.  Both of the grades really enjoyed learning about these careers, and we will probably continue this next month to expand on what we learned.  The 3rd graders listened to a short description of a what a person was doing, and then find the matching career.  The 4th graders had to describe a career, without using certain words, while the rest of the class guessed, sort of like the game Taboo.  We had a great time!

Grades 5-6 also learned about careers by doing a card-sort activity to determine what job activities interest them.  The careers were grouped into categories, and students received a score for each group.  This helps them learn what careers would be a good match with their interests.  

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