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Helpful Parenting Articles and Resources: (added 1/29/2020)
K-12 School Reading List groups books by most appropriate graded reading and interest level.  Find your child's grade and see if there are some titles that catch you eye or the eyes of your child.  Spend time reading and talking about the books.  Reading and sharing thoughts together can make a huge difference in how your child views and enjoys reading.  Make it a fun time together. 
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Goodreads has a special section called LISTOPIA which lists groups of books by topic and age.  Check it out to get some ideas for home reading and libray visits.  Remember that the Lamberton Library can order books for you to borrow.  Give them a call with a title you are interested in reading.  (added 12/18/2019)
Get out there, be active, and have fun together over the holidays. (added 12/182019)
Fifteen fun activities that you both will enjoy doing over the holiday break.  (added 11/21/2019)
Eight manageable ways to promote writing in the home.  Add journaling to the list for great free writing experiences and as an emotional outlet.  (added 11/21/2019)
10 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Read -  simple ideas that can be done in any home to promote literacy and a love for reading.  (added 11/21/2019)
An article sharing good ideas to promote reading and containing monthly early literacy themed downloads. (added 10/25/2019)
An infograph with tips for dealing with children who display defiant behavior.  (added 10/25/2019)
Nine Steps to More Effective Parenting - Read or Listen to this brief article to boost your parenting skills.

Love and Logic Blog for Parents & Teachers (added 9/11/2019)
A blog with insightful information helpful to parents and teachers. 

Introduction to Healthy Parenting (added 9/11/2019)
A wealth of short and informative articles to help you on your parenting journey.

Inside the Kindergartener's Brain (added 9/11/2019)
An article for parents of Kindergarteners and those preparing their children for Kindergarten.