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What is the Plan?
Building A Strong Foundation

The plan has two parts to help reduce the tax impact on property owners, help maintain current school district programming and enhance the student learning environment. 
Bond Types
Question 1
would reduce our operating levy to $700 per pupil from the current operating levy of $1,117 per pupil. We believe that current programming can be maintained at this level due to savings from closing the Jeffers school and our increasing enrollment, which means more state funding. 

Question 2 would approve a $42.1 million facilities bond to build a new K-12 school adjacent to our existing school while decommissioning our current facilities.

If both questions are approved, the average tax impact would be only $9 per year on an average home value of $75,000. That’s just 75 cents per month.

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New School

Based on the recommendation of a community-led Task Force, we are proposing a new single-level K-12 school adjacent to the current facility. This new building addresses all of our educational issues and ADA accessibility requirements. Maintenance costs will be lower and it will provide effective instruction space for decades to come. 

A community-based task force, made up of business leaders, parents and community members was formed in March of 2019 to address the facility needs and recommended to build a new single-campus facility.