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What was the Process?

Long-Term and Detail-Focused

Since May 2017, the District has been working through a process to address our facility needs. A significant investment in our school is needed to update aging infrastructure and address code compliance issues. In addition, our classrooms and educational support spaces are in need of updates to meet current and future educational needs. We were at a crossroads and needed to make a decision if, and how, to make this investment that will impact our District and students for decades.

To help with this process, a community-based task force, made up of business leaders, parents and community members was formed in March of 2019. This task force recommended against an option that would renovate the existing school for $32 million because it would not resolve ADA issues or result in spaces better suited to contemporary learning approaches. 

We also conducted two community surveys that asked community members to provide input on our facility situation and the school in general. 

The district conducted a survey with all residents in late May through mid-June of 2020.

The previous referendum attempt of a slightly different plan in November 2020 received 52% support, but could not move forward due to a requirement to pass with 60% support. 

A great deal of study and evaluation of our current school campus was completed by an architectural and engineering firm that specializes in school renovation and construction. The result of their analysis can be found on the district’s Facility Planning web page