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What Staff, Graduates, Friends & Neighbors Have to Say

Kari M. Pankonin, parent and business owner Red Rock Chiropractic Center, Lamberton
“When we built our business, we started out in a smaller existing building; when we outgrew it and needed more space, we found out it would be less expensive to build new than to renovate. With the new space, we can now offer so many more things. That’s the same with a new school. There will be more space to offer new things. Plus, more students will be more attracted to a new building. We won’t have any trouble utilizing that space. We’ll fill it with students from the area who will stay instead of enrolling out and new students who will open enroll into the district.”

“Both of our sons graduated from RRC through the College in the Schools program, they each earned enough college credits while in high school to get their 4-year degrees in 3 years. That is a huge cost savings to families. The district also has a local agreement with SMSU in Marshall that provides additional scholarship money if a student takes specific classes. They are creative in thinking of the best ways to educate our kids and help families reach their educational goals.”  

Bryce Pack, former RRC teacher and athletic director, Lamberton
“Schools pull the communities together. They provide the community cohesiveness that you need. Whether a concert or class play or wrestling or football, school events bring everyone together.”

“Our school’s best attributes are our smaller class size and the options they have to offer. They have a good staff that works hard to provide a quality education for kids and everyone tries to do whatever possible for the kids. It’s a small school that does very well with the funds it has to provide the best opportunity for students.”  

"We don’t have an elevator. My son had a football injury in November and for 3 months he struggled going up and down stairs so his teachers had to come down to teach him. I’ve seen kids with disabilities needing to be carried up the stairs or teachers having to come down to teach.”

Marcia Therkilsen, parent and RRC paraprofessional, Storden
“If our school is strong it builds the whole community up – you take pride in that. Even people who don’t have kids in school can see their neighbor’s kids did something awesome. They can see those kids are going on to be something and do great things.”

“RRC is a great school district. The fact that we have been selected multiple times as one of the nation’s best high schools by US News and World Report and recently received the National Blue Ribbon for Excellence in Academics demonstrates our dedication to providing the best for our students.”

John Croatt, business owner, Storden
“Education is critical - it is number one. A strong school makes a strong community. We have done a good job of hiring and training in our system because we’ve done really well not only academically but we also prepare students for the workplace.”

“We get a stronger community with a strong school system. We have a well-rounded curriculum for kids. We need a mix to keep kids busy with after school activities and keep them engaged.”