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What will it Cost me?
Tax Impact

The average home value in the Red Rock Central School District is $75,000. School taxes will decrease by $84 in 2021 on a home of this value because the operating levy reduction was approved by voters in the November election. This chart shows the tax increase per year on a $75,000 home along with the net increase after the tax reduction is included. Find the tax impact to your home on the online Tax Calculator.
6 dollars a year
Property Value Q1 Q2 Q3 Operating Levy
Net Increase
$75,000 $82 $6 $2 ($84) $6.00

Note: Tax increases for Q1, Q2 and Q3 are payable 2022. The operating levy reduction took effect for taxes payable 2021. The net tax increase from these two changes is the difference between taxes payable 2020 and 2022.



  Tax impact on three home values




How do our school taxes compare to our neighbors?
Tax comparison graphic



What will it cost owners of agricultural property?
If all three questions are approved, agricultural homestead property valued at $6,000 per acre will pay $2.38 per acre next year, and $1.79 per acre in 2023 and beyond.
1.79 a year

Non-homestead agricultural property would pay $4.76 per acre next year, and $3.57 per acre in 2023 and beyond.

To calculate the tax impact on your property, visit the online Tax Calculator and fill out the form toward the bottom of the page. Ehlers, the school district's financial advisor, will calculate the tax impact for your parcel or parcels and contact you via phone or email with the results.

Ag2School Tax Credit
State law requires bond levies to apply to the entire farm property. We recognize this project will represent a significant investment on the part of our farm families, and we thank you. The state recognizes the impact and instituted the Ag2School tax credit - a 60% in 2022 and 70% in 2023 and beyond. The tax credit applies to current and future referendums for all property classified as Agricultural (excluding the house, garage and one acre).

Tax Impact Chart
Ag Tax Impact

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Tax Impact Chart