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Dynamic Dribblers Club (K-3)
The Dynamic Dribblers Club finished up their basketball season this past weekend with a Friday night appearance at the Boy/Girl Doubleheader in Lamberton and their last club practice on Sunday afternoon. The Kindergarten and 1st grade Dribblers showed off their skills at the halftime of the boys game on Friday while the 2nd and 3rd graders dribbled during the girls halftime. The Dribblers meet 5 to 6 Sundays during their winter season to work on basic ball handling, passing and beginner basketball skills.

K/1st Dynamic Dribblers

Kindergarten and First Grade Dribblers this season:
Front Row: Jayce Panitzke, Mason Weber, Brilynn Curry, Halle Paplow, Abby Thram, and Chloe Coners
Back Row: Grayson Pfarr, Maceo Kelsey-Bassett, Grifyn Redman, Isaac Wondercheck, Sam Thillen, Max Vogel, and Davion Bigbear  
Missing from photo: Dustin Barklow and Arianna Kirst

2nd/3rd Dynamic Dribblers

Second and Third Grade Dribblers:
Front Row: Amana Smith, Braxton Weber, Carson Pankonin, Bella Reiner, Lincoln Hesse
Back Row: Isac Grant, Max Erickson, Henry Stavnes, Kayson Amsden, Olivia Reiner, Aiden Prechel, Victoria Pankonin, Addi Schoer, Kyleigh Groebner
Missing from photo: Ariel Kirst and Colton Schaffran