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Handwriting Contest State Winners

Red Rock Central promotes and encourages neat penmanship and cursive handwriting. We see the benefits and the rewards given to our students. This year we have 3 Minnesota State winners. Katie Hubert, daughter of Clayton & Randi Hubert is our 2nd grade MN State winner. Tia Donkersloot, daughter of Sarah Huls & Dave Donkersloot is our 5th grade MN State winner. Ella Erickson, daughter of Nate & Sally Erickson is our 7th grade MN State winner. She is also a semi-finalist winner at the National Level. The Zaner-Bloser contest is open to all students in grades K-8th attending any public and parochial school in the United States.

Katie Hubert State Winner Tia Donkersloot State Winner

Ella Erickson National Semi-Finalist

Congratulations to all who competed. We are proud of all of you!


Here are five researched facts:

1. Handwriting is a crucial component in setting up brain systems for reading.

2. Children with stronger fine-motor skills are associated with ongoing reading and math achievement as late as fifth grade.

3. Students in grades 4–7, show higher level spelling and composing skills at each grade.

4. Research shows that fluency in handwriting is strongly related to the quality and quantity of students’ complex written texts as late as grade 8.

5. People who take handwritten notes process information better than those who type notes on a laptop.