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Veteran's Day Program on Nov 11th
Red Rock Central will have a Veteran's Day Program on Monday, November 11th from 10:15-10:55 in the auditorium.


           Veterans Day Program 2019

Presentation and Posting of Colors (please stand)

National Anthem --- RRC High School band

Pledge of Allegiance --- All

“Freedom’s Light” --- RRC High School band

Welcome --- Duane Erickson, American Legion Commander

History of Veterans Day --- PVT, Josh Hesse

Presidential Proclamation --- Boys and Girls State Participants

Reading --- Val Halter, Legion Auxiliary President

Veteran’s Day Speaker --- Dustin Hunter, Veterans Service Officer,
                                                                                         Redwood Falls


Service Song Medley --- RRC Elementary Students

“God Bless America” (Please Stand) --- All

Moment of silence (Remain Standing)

Closing Remarks --- Duane Erickson

Retirement of Colors