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Spelling Bee Results (Wed. Round)
Here are the results of the Wednesday, January 8th round of the RRC Spelling Bee. All spellers did a terrific job.
The top 2 in grades 5-8 continue on to the Finals on Thursday, January 9th for a chance to advance to Regions. Grades 2-4 do not participate in the Final round on Thursday.

Names & places for grades 2-4 supplied by Principal Friesen, grades 5-8 supplied by Principal Goetstouwers.
*Participants are listed in no particular order. 
Grade 2 - 
1st place     Savvy Anderson 
2nd place    Aaron Holman 
3rd place     Madisyn Keck and Abby Thram (tie) 
Participants - Victoria Rios and Halle Paplow
2nd grade spellers


Grade 3 - 
1st place     Amana Smith
2nd place    Kullen Steen 
3rd place     Emma Hagert and Zoey Keck 
Participants - Brandon Therkilsen and Jenna Hagert
3rd grade spellers


Grade 4 - 
1st place     Kyleigh Groebner and Rylee Swenson
2nd place    Izzy Hewitt and Lilly Batalden
3rd place    Aron VanMeveren
Participants - Colton Jeckell 
4th grade spellers

5th grade top spellers: Dominic Senst, Timothy Jacob, and Jadyn Beranek (alternate)
Participants: Morgan Hubert, Madi Marsh, Camryn Therkilsen
5th grade spellers

6th grade: Jack Grant, Eva Highby, and Carter Therkilsen (alternate)
Participants: Abraham Stavnes, Bowen Hesse, Abby Holmen
6th grade spellers

7th grade: Mason Huffman, Jayden Miller, and Travis Rogers (alternate)
Participants: Aryanna Weber, Thomas Nelson
7th grade spellers

8th grade: Ava Juhnke, Eva Redman, and Jayden Lang (alternate)
Participants: Corey Arkell, Bree Rasmussen, Megan Wersal 
8th grade spellers