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A Note from the School Nurse
These are trying times for our state, our community, and our school. During this break, please be diligent with modeling and encouraging good hygiene: wash hands with soap and water when available to wash off the germs/viruses, use hand sanitizer when hand washing is not available before touching food or each other. Avoid touching face as much as possible. Cough into shirt or elbow. Wash hands after blowing your nose. Maintain social distancing as much as possible. Use video chats to visit with family who may be in a nursing home, assisted living, or the hospital.

Rest: everyone should continue with a good sleep schedule- this break is not like summer break where the days get longer and it is hard to get children to stay in a routine. Your children need to be ready to learn every day- and being well rested ensures that is more likely to occur. During the break, keep the regular routine as much as possible- I know it is tempting to let the kids sleep in and possibly go to bed later. But try to be diligent in sticking as close to the normal routine as possible. Our goal is to be back to school after this break- and ready to learn. Even if the break gets extended- the school will have e-learning planned and the hours will follow school hours- so the teachers will be available to the students at specific times during these learning hours.

Continue to eat nutritious meals- and remember to sign up with the school if your family is in need of the delivered meals available during this break. Stay well-hydrated! If anyone in your family has been ill or recently recovered from an illness- find foods that will help build their immune system back up. Vitamin C rich foods, fruits and vegetables, yogurt, probiotics are all ways to boost your immune system.
Get your children outside several times a day- weather permitting! The fresh air and exercise will also boost their immune system and brain power. LIMIT screen time. I know kids are excited about this break because they think they will be able to play video games all day- please don’t allow this. Encourage them to use this time to read, practice math, practice writing skills, review material they have studied earlier in the year- practice spelling. Have them journal about their days during the break. Encourage them to share these journals with you every evening. If your child can’t write, encourage them to keep a journal of drawings they do during this break.

Please remain calm and positive around your children. If you have any health questions or concerns, you can contact me at 507-920-0140 or your primary care provider. If you want more information about COVID 19 that doesn’t involve the media hype- these are excellent sources of accurate, updated information:…/coronavirus/index.html…/2019-ncov/cases-updates/index.html…/novel-coronavir…/events-as-they-happen

Rachel Isder, Licensed School Nurse