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Update on Spectators for Volleyball Games

Hello everyone,

Great news, this morning we received news that the MN Dept. of Health has amended their guidance for indoor events and will allow two spectators per participant. This affects us in that we can now have spectators for volleyball games. This is primarily to give parents a chance to see their children compete. We have a roster of 30 players so we can have a maximum of 60 spectators. The players will provide the names of the spectators they want to leave the tickets for. Tickets will be $6 per person. Seats will be marked with a white X where you are able to sit. Face Coverings must be worn at all times over the nose and mouth. Anyone refusing to adhere to this protocol will be asked to leave. No food or drink is allowed. Home fans please sit on the south side bleachers. All the games are being livestreamed on our YouTube channel.

Thank you and Go Falcons!