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6th Grade Field Trip, April 6th
6th graders at state capital

The 6th grade classes of Mr. Walker and Mr. Stevenson took their annual trip to the Shrine Circus on Friday, April 6th.  Once again the trip was sponsored by Fides Lodge of Sanborn.  The students loved the day off from the traditional school work, and were able to have a lot of fun experiences during the day. Some of the class even took advantage of riding an elephant at the circus. 

The class also was able to get in for a State Capital tour for an hour and see where the laws are made, and enjoy all the beautiful artwork throughout the building. 

The day concluded with a trip to the History Center where they got into small groups and learned about the past by taking in the WW I exhibit, the tornado house, Iron mine, and the special exhibit “1968” taking them back 50 yrs in time. Each of them used small electronic devices to Learn about the Past to scan bar codes to learn about the fur trade, the agriculture industry, and the early life of the Native Americans.  Much of this material at the History Center is learned from their Minnesota History Book.

The class really appreciates what the Fides Lodge has done to help keep this tradition going now for many years.