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US News & World Report: Red Rock Central High School Ranked 28th in MN

The U.S. News and World Report annual High School Rankings are now released and can be found on their website:    Red Rock Central ranked the 28th Best High School in MN, 2nd highest ranked Rural High School and 23rd ranked traditional High School, excluding charter schools and private schools.

“We’re so proud to be recognized for our achievements and so proud of our students and staff, everyone here contributes to making us great. We measure our success in many different ways and this ranking is a testament to the way we’re educating our students and it’s also a way to measure our success against other districts.” Superintendent Todd Lee said. “It’s been a challenging year for everyone, staff, students, parents and the communities we’re a part of, we all continue to do our best to make the most of it and this is one indication that we’re on the right track.”

Area districts rankings are:

  • Red Rock Central, 28th.
  • Redwood Area, 132nd.
  • Tracy Area, 136th.
  • Murray County Central, 206th.
  • Worthington, 214th.
  • Cedar Mountain, 224th.
  • Westbrook-Walnut Grove, 227th.
  • Springfield, 246th.
  • Wabasso, 264th.

After the 282nd ranked school they are no longer ranked individually and all schools are grouped into a mix of 283rd-414th. Those area schools include Mountain Lake, Windom, RTR, Sleepy Eye, Heron Lake Okabena, Comfrey, and Sleepy Eye Public.

“While we are aware of other area school rankings, Red Rock Central is not concerned with other area districts performance, however, we always want to be the best we can be and the dedication from parents, students and staff members is demonstrated with this ranking.” Lee said. “I would like to thank the school board members for putting our district in a position to be successful and of course thank everyone in our communities for supporting our school district.” “We can call ourselves the Best in Southwest MN!”

About 2021 Best High Schools:

The 2021 edition of Best High Schools includes a numerical ranking of nearly all public high schools nationwide – almost 18,000 of them. There are rankings within each state and within each census-designated metropolitan area that has three or more high schools, as well as the Best STEM Schools ranking and comprehensive Best Charter Schools and Best Magnet Schools rankings.