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2021-22 Covid Update
August 9, 2021

Dear Red Rock Central Parents/Guardians,

Looking forward to the 2021-22 school year we wanted to clarify our guidelines for this year. Face coverings will be optional and are not required for entry into the building. Face coverings may be worn, and the district will maintain a limited supply of them if a parent or student wants to wear it. We’ll also have hand sanitizer available as we did last year.

Students or staff will not need to have a covid vaccine. We will return to our normal pre-covid routines as far as eating lunch, bus dismissal, etc. We would encourage students and staff to selfscreen for symptoms. All school districts are still required to report any cases to the Minnesota Department of Health. Positive tests will be required to quarantine using the guidelines from the MN Department of Health. Close contacts to a person will be notified but will not need to quarantine if they are not showing symptoms. Vaccinated individuals will follow the CDC guidelines for fully vaccinated people.

The guidelines for busing still call for face coverings to be worn at this time since that is considered “public” transportation and subject to federal requirements.

The biggest takeaway I’d like to communicate to our parents and families is that Governor Walz no longer has the emergency powers authority and therefore all decisions regarding how we operate our building will be made at the local level. Any guidance from the Department of Education will now be recommendations and not mandates.

Please contact me with any questions at either or 507-752-7361.

Todd Lee
Red Rock Central