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RRC Returns to Regular Dismissal Time March 27; Adds June 1-2 to Calendar
Red Rock Central families,

Due to missing additional days because of weather, the district is now below the minimum physical days required. We were able to make up the equivalent of 3 1/4 days by the lengthened school day so the students' learning wasn't as adversely affected as it could have been. However, we will need to add June 1st and June 2nd as school days in order to reach the minimum. June 2nd is now the last student day provided we do not miss any additional days. Graduation is not affected by this change. 

We are returning to the original bell schedule of 8:15-2:58 at the end of quarter 3. March 27th will be the first day on the original schedule. 

Thank you,
Todd Lee
Red Rock Central Superintendent