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Red Rock Central Reveals New Falcon for Refreshed Brand Identity

The Red Rock Central School District has introduced a refreshed brand identity featuring a new falcon logo and associated brand images. The purpose of this redesign was to create a contemporary, unified, and memorable brand that embodies the values and spirit of the school.

Over the years, Red Rock Central has used various falcon designs, often resembling the logo of the Atlanta Falcons NFL team. While the school had permission to use this logo, they wanted to establish a unique identity that could be consistently employed. With the construction of a new PreK-12 facility underway, the timing was ideal to reassess the school's branding strategy, establish a cohesive visual identity, and present the school as modern and innovative. The rebranding initiative involved the creation of a new logo, consistent fonts, and a comprehensive plan to foster school spirit and unity.

A committee of RRC staff members and administrators took the lead in launching the new brand. They collaborated with designers from VIP Branding, going through numerous reviews and carefully considering each potential logo. The result was a falcon design that pays homage to the individual communities within the Red Rock Central district while retaining key design elements from previous falcons associated with the district's history. Committee member Clayton Hubert explains, "We are proud of our legacy and want to represent it well. The four feathers were a conscious decision to represent the four communities of Red Rock Central (Storden, Jeffers, Sanborn, Lamberton) coming together as one." The logo features a bold and stylized falcon in flight, embodying strength, courage, and determination—qualities aligned with the school's mission.

The official branding package consists of the new falcon logo and ten other images, including word marks for Red Rock Central. They retained the classic school colors of red, black, and silver, which have been used by the school for nearly thirty years, to maintain a strong school spirit. The logo employs a modern font that is highly legible and easy to read. It has been designed to work well across various mediums, such as digital platforms and print materials, and will be consistently utilized in all marketing materials, including team uniforms, athletic gear, banners, and signs. This will enhance the school's visual identity. The official Brand Guide is available here.

Developed in partnership with Varsity Brands and VIP Branding, the new brand design marks a significant milestone for Red Rock Central, making them more visible in the community and giving a boost to their academic and athletic programs.


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