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BULLETIN NO. 9                         Friday, September 18, 2020



         .  Today will be the first of our “early out” Fridays.  School will be dismissed at 1:10. We will have all 7 periods, with each period having a shorter class time. See class schedule below.


         .  The 2020 yearbooks are in! If you didn’t pick yours up this morning please see Mr. Hubert.


         .  SENIORS: We will be tie dyeing on October 2 after school, our next early out Friday. If you haven't talked to Mrs Derickson yet and would like to tie dye, please stop by or send an email by today.


         .  A Falcon store is now open. Orders must be placed online by September 30.


         .  Starting Monday students in grades 7-12 will be able to order an extra entrée for lunch. Sign up on the office window before school.  Parents need to let the school know that you have permission to use your lunch account for an extra entrée.  Cost is $1.00; if there is no cash in your lunch account you will not be served an extra entrée.  We will be checking lunch account balance and permission before boxing up the extra entrée.


         .  Punt, Pass, and Run competition will be held at the Red Rock Central athletic field in Lamberton at 1:00 PM this Saturday, September 19.  All boys and girls ages 8-13 are encouraged to attend. Sponsored by the Mark Arkell Memorial Foundation.


         .  All picture packages must be purchased online by TODAY. Go to  Password: RRCFALCONS.  Questions, call Heather 651-210-8928 or email


         .  If you are interested in joining FFA and couldn’t come to the meeting this morning, please talk to Ms. Moe today!


         .  Football and volleyball players, please get your paperwork in to the office today!


         .  Lunch today:  Corn dog, spudsters, apple slices.


         .  Happy birthday tomorrow to Jada Radmaker.



         .  Detention next week: Mr. Ewing


         .  The office will close at 3:30 today.


         .  Staff members – if you didn’t have your picture taken this week please be sure to get pictures taken between 1:30 and 3:00 today. We need them for the yearbook and new ID cards.


         .  Desk calendars will be recycled at the end of the day today.


















Early Out Friday Schedule



1st hour: 8:30-9:00

2nd hour: 9:03-9:33

3rd hour: 9:36-10:06

4th hour: 10:09-10:39

5th hour: 10:42-11:12

PreK – 2 Lunch : 10:54 – 11:19                    3 – 6 Recess: 10:54 – 11:19

3 – 6 Lunch:  11:19 – 11:44                          PreK – 2 Recess 11:19 – 11:44

6th hour: 11:15-11:45 then lunch/4A

9-12 Choir lunch: 11:45 – 12:05                    Choir: 12:08 – 12:37

4A study hall 9-12: 11:48 – 12:05                 9-12 non-choir lunch: 12:05– 12:37             

4A study hall 7-8: 11:48 – 12:08                   7-8 lunch: 12:08 – 12:37



7th hour: 12:40-1:10