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BULLETIN NO. 167              THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2019



       1.  Today’s schedule (11:00 dismissal): No breakfast. Report to first hour for attendance, then we will have locker cleanout, followed by awards in the auditorium.  Report to 3rd hour after awards until lunch. Lunch for grades 1-3 from 9:40 – 10:00; 4-6 from 9:50 – 10:10; 7-9 from 10:20 – 10:40, then return to 3rd hour. Grades 10-11 will eat from 10:40 – 11:00, but can leave when done eating, or right away if not eating. We will only release younger siblings if we receive permission before 10:40 a.m. and we will NOT be calling parents for you to request early dismissal. If prior arrangements have not been made you’ll have to wait until 11:00.


       2.  Students currently in 9th and 10th grade: If there are any college courses you would be interested in taking the summer of 2020, please let the office know. Surrounding high schools are trying to work together to offer free college classes that summer and need some ideas of what to offer.


       3.  Yearbook Staff: Plan to meet tomorrow starting at 9:00am for the end of year wrap up. Lunch will be provided!


       4.  David Gabrielson, Bryton Grother, and Jacob Herrmann have band bills that need to be paid before the end of the school year. See Mrs. Frasher for amounts and to pay your bill.


       5.  Senior high band and choir members please turn in your BLACK music department t-shirts. Zakary Zimmermann, Aura Spry, Kenya Duroe, Ryon Zimmermann, Edson Flores-Bleess, Sam Helmer, Joshua Hesse, Zane Palmer, and Owen Grant.  If you would like to purchase yours, the cost is $5.00.


       6.  Remember to clean your belongings out of the locker room lockers. Items left behind after school is out will be thrown or donated.


       7.  If you borrowed books from Mrs. Wilmes's room, please return them and cross your name off the list. Please check your lockers, at home, or anywhere else you may have forgotten your AR book. Thank you.


       8.  Please take care of tech ed, fab lab, band, lunch, and other bills and return library books as soon as possible. The following still have bills or books due from previous years: Ashton J, Sondra R, Austin S, Alex H, Nick M, Diego R, Danielle S, Alexis W, Zack C, Zane P, Devlyn H, Roy T.  See Barb with questions.


       9.  Speechies or Wanna-Be Speechies: Springfield Summer Rec is offering a Summer Speech Jumpstart opportunity to help select categories, literature, or topics, prepare cuttings, and receive feedback. For more information see Mrs. Dunn for a flyer. Registration is due June 1.


     10.  Summer Session of Driver Education classroom will take place beginning on July 8th. Students must be 14 to qualify. Letters were mailed out in April. Stop in the high school office if you didn't get a letter and would like to take it this summer. Please get your paperwork turned in to the office ASAP. Payment is due by the first day of the class.


     11.  RRC Community Ed has scheduled its summer field trips! There are 5 different outings planned at reduced prices and for all ages. Stop in the office to pick up the packet and join us for some private movie showings, local waterparks and a trip to Valleyfair. These field trips require permission slips, pre registration and all of them have deadline requirements. Follow RRC Community Education on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest schedule.


     12.  Current 6th graders and 9th graders (and anyone else who hasn’t had a physical in the past 3 years) who plan to participate in athletics next year should be sure to get a physical this summer. 6th graders will have forms sent home with them; anyone else can pick up forms in the office before you leave for the summer. We must have a current (within the past 3 years) physical in the office before practice begins in the fall. Questions, see Barb.


     13.  Reminder to Boys' Basketball Players in grades 9-12(next year) - Practice on Monday, June 3rd at 8-10 am.


     14.  Any girls entering grades 7-12 interested in a summer volleyball camp, please stop in the office and pick up a registration form. The camp will be hosted by the RRC coaching staff.


     15.  Softball players grades 7-11 pick up your summer softball forms from Mr. Stevenson if you are interested in playing on the summer league team.


     16.  Triple Threat Basketball Camp will be held June 17-June 19th in the RRC gym. Boys and girls grades K-8, and boys grades 9-12 should register for camp before school is out if possible. If you need a camp form, see Coach Walker to get one, or stop in the High School office to pick one up.


     17.  We have swimming lesson forms available in the office.


     18.  We have summer rec schedules for all 4 towns in both offices. They will also be on the website.


     19.  Lunch today: Hamburger.  No veggie bar.




       1.  In order to be paid on the June payroll, all payroll related forms (time sheets, blue sheets, etc.) are due tomorrow.


       2.  Teachers who want a grade book, lesson plan book, and/or daily planner next year please sign up in the office.


       3.  Please check the 2019-2020 detention schedule on Barb’s desk and let her know if you wish to schedule different weeks.  Otherwise you’ll have to make a trade when your turn comes next year. 


       4.  Collective Goods orders are due today, with delivery Friday, May 31.