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RRC Students Wins 2016 National Handwriting Award

COLUMBUS, Ohio (May 11, 2016) – Out of more than 270,000 handwriting entries, 18 students, from private and public schools, emerged to represent their grade level as the best in handwriting. Celebrating its 25th year sponsoring the National Handwriting Contest, Zaner-Bloser officially announced the National Grade-Level Semifinalists as well as those students who advanced as Grand National Grade-Level Champions in the 2016 National Handwriting Contest.

Participating schools held their own handwriting competition for kindergarten through eighth grades, then entered each winning student into the national contest. Kindergarten through second-grade students submitted manuscript (or print) entries, and those in third through eighth grades wrote in cursive. Judges selected winners for both public and private schools based on the Zaner-Bloser Keys to Legibility: Shape, Size, Spacing and Slant. The state winners then competed to become National Grade-Level Semifinalists and Grand National Grade-Level Champions.

“Research shows that handwriting skills impact a student's overall literacy development and early fine motor skills that predict later academic achievement,” said Donna Schultz, president of Zaner-Bloser. “Congratulations to all these students and their schools for their commitment to developing the efficient handwriting skills that set up a solid foundation of academic success.”

Grand National Grade-Level Champions include:
Grade 4: Ella Erickson – Jeffers/Lamberton, Minnesota – Red Rock Central Elementary School