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These poems were written by the 5th grade class in May 2020, as an assignment for their English class.

Poem #1   Covid-19 Chaos

Covid-19 is chaos and everything is wild and crazy.

All of the people that used to be all over the streets 

Are now at home probably enjoying some sweets.

Many can not see their friends and family.

But some are video calling happily.

Covid-19 is chaos.

Parents teaching kids at home are pleading “Someone please pay us!”


Poem #2  Distance Learning 

Distance Learning is no fun.

My little brother has to find rhymes for ‘bun.’

I miss seeing my friends and teachers.

My white board is no smart- board, it has no special features.

One good thing about distance learning

Is that I finish school in the morning. 


Poem #3  Social Distancing

Social Distancing isn’t fun, but it’s okay.

Hanging out with my family so much makes me want to get away.

I have video called a few people.

I have gone to church without seeing a steeple.

I have made and eaten a pie,

Then I fell asleep and dreamt I could fly.

Social Distancing is a little fun,

But I can’t wait till it’s done.


By Carly Hubert



You got aches, pains

Fever, and chills.

Short of breath

Or something.

They say this is a 


Do we stay quarantined for safety?

Numbers keep rising

People stay in hiding


Distant Learning

Learning from home

Parents are now teachers

Us students have to teach

Them our ways.

Less homework

Because it's always here!

Away from friends

Only siblings

Out of routine.

Ready for normality

Staying in my pjs

All day!

Just doing 

Distant Learning!


Social Distancing

6 feet away

Stand on sticker,

Follow all arrows.

Make sure to keep distance

Always being precautious.

Constantly being told

Wash your hands

Wear a mask!

Protect yourself.

You get nasty looks

If you stand to close. 

So remember

Stay 6 feet away!


By Dominic Senst



The virus people are going crazy about

No one knows if we are going to survive

Will it end or not

Will the coronavirus stop.



It is fun but not all the time 

We still have to do school

Til the virus ends

It is fun fur but not all the time.



We have to stay away from loved one

Can not high five

Have to wear  a mask



By Kysha Wani


1. The Coronavirus

The virus is bad

It makes me sad


We’re stuck at home

While the virus roams


I hope it’s done soon

Before we all go boom!


2. Distance Learning

Distant Learning is better than normal school

There aren’t as many rules


I am a pro on my Chromebook

Sometimes I don’t have to look


Summer is almost here

When that happens I’ll let out a cheer


3. Social Distancing

I miss all my friends

Maybe I could see them through a telescope lens


We have to stay away for now

Cuz I’m a cow


By Paige Wondercheck


1.Covid-19                           2.Distance learning            3.Social Distancing 


You may be sick                 I take my time                 i can’t go anywhere   

i’m not                                    i don’t  whine                     so i’ll stay here

Stay away                             i do just fine                          i’ll mess around

so i can play                                                                  and not do anything        


By Jordan Therkilsen


Covid - 19

Pandemic, outbreak, sad times, tears 

Front line workers, family, fears.

Quarantine, outbreaks, no interaction. 

We all now need mask protection.


Distance Learning

Using computers instead of paper.

Pile of books upon the table.

Teachers all still talk to you, 

With videos and texting, too.

Practicing trumpet  before it gets too late. 

For math - it’s harder to concentrate.

Coronavirus doesn’t  care - it’s cruel !

I miss my friends! I’d rather be in school !


Social Distancing

 I don’t mind staying 6 feet apart from those I don’t know,

But if I could hug my friends, I’d be there tomorrow!

Trying to keep myself entertained in my room, 

Blocking out all of TV’s sadness and gloom.

I’m  missing high fives, handshakes, and hugs.

I don’t miss girl drama, boys’ burps, and shrugs.

I miss being part of the crowd at a basketball game.

No football, volleyball, or softball seems such a shame.  

This darn social distancing isn’t for me,

When I go on nature walks, I feel free!


By Sophie Paplow



Where oh where

Did you come from?

Why are we stuck inside?

When will it end?

When oh when 

Can we be free?


Learning from afar

Here I am…

Home all day…..

In my pjs…..

Staring at a screen…..

I miss my friends!!!!


Stay 6ft away!

Don’t stand so

Don’t stand so

Don’t stand so close to me


By Liam Nelson


Stop Coronavirus 

Spreading from person to person we hope it will stop but sadly the virus will not.


Distant Learning  

Not able to see our teachers smiling faces everyday . Missing them more and more.                                             


Social Distancing 

Keep your distance and help do your part to stop this virus. 


By Treyton Knutson


The Corona

I do not like the Coronavirus,it is ruining us all,    and no one can have a ball


Distant learning

I do like distant learning,because you aren't in school, distant learning isn't cool


Social Distancing

I do not like social distancing,it is keeping us from being together and free


By Timothy Jacob


The CoronaVirus

The CoronaVirus is the worst thing that has ever happened! 

It ruins sport and school.

It makes kids not see their friends anymore.


Distant learning

This is so kids can do school work but on a chromebook or ipad.

It's not fun, but at least you get to stay home!

Some kids miss school, and don’t get to see their teachers.


Social Distancing

This makes people mad.

They can’t hug people, they can’t shake hands, and they can’t stand right next to each other.

Nobody likes staying 6 feet away from other people


By Kennedy Carter



Corona is a very contagious                                    

We stay away from people                                     

People are getting bored at home.


Social distancing                                        

We can stay within 6 feet                                          

I can’t see my friends                                              

It’s sad that we can’t see our family.

I miss them very much.


Distant Learning

It can be hard

Sometimes I have trouble

I miss going to school.


By Celia Vogel


Once before this hit we were all free

Now we are stuck at home 6 feet apart 

With masks on are faces can’t by anything parents have to to it for   

Us cause we can’t go in the store.


Distant Learning

We used to have a lot of packets now we are all online can’t talk to my friends only over google meets and now i only have me in my own classroom.


Social distancing

We can’t even talk at the store cart by cart cause we have to be 6-feet apart can’t even see my grandparents or cousins or friends.


By Kendra Schroeder



Coronavirus how I hate you

You kill people 

You make me mad

No hugs



Distant Learning

Away from my friends

On a computer

Work no noise


Social Distancing

No people 

Stay away

6 feet apart

No food at restaurants

No friends.

By Natalee Lenning



It started in china

Get speed out the world

It makes people feel sick


Distant learning

Is very hard 

We have to use computer more


Social Distancing

Is very hard

Because you don't see

Your friends


By Marshal Willhite


Covid 19

I am afraid of covid coming to my house 

I am afraid of get covid 

I am afraid of stay home

I am afraid of this stuff 

So, please stay away from me


Distant learning

School is so hard without my teacher

School at home is like hard as a rock

School is so hard without my friends

School is even harder with desk 

But the thing i miss most of all is getting out of school


Social Distancing

Distancing is so hard all I want to play play

Distancing is hard for you and me 

Distancing make live a lot more harder

Distancing is not for me and you


By Jonah Skarupa



Coronavirus can go away,

Coronavirus is not welcome to stay,  

Coronavirus go away!


Distant Learning

Distant learning is not fun

Lets just be done


Social Distancing

I wanna see my friends

I wanna see my family 

I want all of this to be done!


By Madilyn Marsh



Not happy,

So much harder,

Miss my teachers and friends,

Wish it didn’t come,

To minnesota,


Distance learning

Hard to do work,

Haredly food and water,

In the store, you can sleep in,

A little.


Social distancing

There is tape on the store floor,

Everything is gone in stores, 

You can get done with school whenever,

Makes crafts every week.


By Addyson Marozik



Spreading like a rumor,state to state,

Staying at home with your mate,

They say to stay away,

Coronavirus go away.


 Distance Learning

Distance learning keeps us apart,

 We do work on a chromebook,

No friends to talk to,

But it keeps us safe at home,

Keeps us safe from covid-19


  Social Distancing

Six feet apart from everyone,

Facetime to talk to friends,

No going to each other's houses,

Or holding new cousins,

Social distancing keeps us safe.


By Morgan Hubert



I woke up hot 

My nose was full of snot

I felt so dizzy

So was my friend Lizzy

I didn’t want to eat

Except for a  beet.


Distant learning

I woke up at eight

My english was late

I started to faint 

Art was next, I grabbed my paint  

My homework is done 

And then had some fun.


Social distancing 

Six feet apart 

It breaks my heart

Wearing a mask

Is quite a task

I wash my hands  

Now I feel grand 


By Natasha Erickson


Distant Learning

Here I sit at my kitchen table,

Uneager, unwilling, and feeling unable.

I miss my friends,

I miss my school, 

I really wish my mom

Was as cool as you.



I haven't seen my friends

For what feels like six months.

Do to this disasters infection i wish it wasn't

 a thing, it is now today.

People wearing masks

And locking their doors up tight.

Everyone is to afraid to leave,

For fear there is no end in sight.

Stuck at home

Being homeschooled at the table.

Wishing and hoping that someday

This virus isn’t among us.


Social Distancing

We have to stay apart six feet

And it’s not because our feet stink.

We have to wear a mask, and it's not to go to a party.

Although if we could go to a party,

That would be pretty gnarly.

We’ve had a lot of family time,

And a lot of down time.

We are getting things done,

And having tons of fun.


By Trae Deuschle



It started in Wuhan China

A cough then a handshake

And then a couple more

Now we have to stay in side

We can’t see our friends right now 

It has affected everyone


Distant Learning

We can’t go to the school building

Now home is our everywhere

Our school work and church

But i’m glad for technology

So we can do our work

And see our friends


Social Distancing

We can’t be near people 

who don’t live with us

Stay six feet away

No more gatherings

With a surplus of ten people

We have to stay six feet away


By Jadyn Beranek



A burden we see

A surprise that come from overseas

How it has changed everything everywhere

At every place we go everything is no more 


Distant learning

A new normal I see 

Where nothing is the same

Overseas everywhere this is a new thing

Where everyone is always away 


Social Distancing

We can't be close 

We can only be far

No one sees anyone like before

We only see a blank road ahead


By Camryn Therkilsen