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Red Rock Central Hall of Fame Nomination Form located in left column

The Red Rock Central Hall of Fame mission is to recognize past outstanding performers. Nominees will be sent to Hall of Fame Director Brett Bartholomaus and will be selected for induction by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee, on a voting point system, in the spring or summer. The Banquet will be held in the fall. They can be selected from seven categories:

1. Former Athlete
2. Former Coach/Advisor
3. Former Administrator or Athletic/Activities Director
4. Contributor
5. Former Team
6. Fine Arts
7. Distinguished Alumni

When: Honor inductees at halftime of home football game, banquet will be the following night

Where: High School (Friday), Site TBD (Saturday – 6pm)

What Inductee Receives: Plaque for home, Name on Plaque displayed at Red Rock Central High School, Name/picture/information on website

Eligible Inductees: Seven Categories = Past Athletes / Past Coaches/Advisors / Past Administration or Athletic/Activities Directors / Contributor / Past Teams / Fine Arts / Distinguished Alumni

Criteria: (examples…but not limited to)

  • Athlete = Successful high school career, state participant, successful college career, multiple sport athlete *eligible 5 yrs since played*
  • Coach/Advisor = Successful coach that had longevity in their sport, state coach, conference winning coach, Athlete that played at Red Rock Central, Lamberton, Storden, Jeffers, Sanborn, or any of the pairings, and became a successful coach at another school  *eligible 3 yrs after retirement*
  • Admin/AD = Successful administrator or AD, longevity in their position, a great leader *3 yrs after retirement*
  • Contributor  = Given monetary donations to the school or booster clubs, long-time supporters of Red Rock Central, et. al.  Athletics  *Eligible anytime*
  • Team = Conference winning teams, district/region/section winning teams, state tournament teams, teams that have set school records for wins, etc.  *Eligible 5 years after competing*
  • Fine Arts = Successful participation in Fine Arts, Longevity, State Performer. 
  • Distinguished Alumni = Given monetary donations to the school or programs, outstanding accomplishments post-high school.