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June 8. 2020
Mrs. Hewitt, Ms. Ryker, and Mrs. Friesen are taking summer fun and learning on the road to our Red Rock Central towns.  Once a month, activities will be held in the city parks for children going into grades K-5.  Check out the days, times, and themes below, and come ready to have some fun with friends while learning new things. You need to register a few days in advance of each event so that we have enough supplies - call 507.540.0707 with child's name, grade, and parent phone #. Activities will last approximately one hour.
Call RRC @ 507.540.0707 and leave a message for Mrs. Friesen if you have any questions, and she will return your call.  
JUNE -- "Camping" theme 
Tuesday, 16th     9:00    Revere
                          11:00    Lamberton 
                           1:00     Sanborn 
 Wednesday, 17th  11:00     Jeffers 
                                 1:00     Storden 
JULY -- "Beach" theme   
Tuesday, 28th       9:00    Storden 
                             11:00   Jeffers 
Wednesday, 29th   9:00     Revere 
                              11:00    Lamberton 
                               1:00     Sanborn 
AUGUST -- "Friendship" theme
Tuesday, 18th         9:00    Revere 
                              11:00    Lamberton 
                                1:00   Sanborn 
Wednesday,  19th    9:00   Storden 
                                11:00  Jeffers
*Be sure to let us know if your child has any allergies we need to be aware of while your child is with us.

April 27, 2020  - UPDATE on grading for elementary due to COVID-19 Distance Learning 

Grades E-2 will NOT be posting midterm grades.  Grades 3-4 will be posting midterm grades, but will use a modified grading scale shown below. 

At the end of the quarter, elementary grades will all use the modified grading scale.

**     No evidence possible to use to evaluate  (possibly the social skills, etc.)

S     Satisfactory work  (this does not mean that everything is perfect or complete.  What it does mean is that the work reflected A-D level of performance, completion, and effort. This will look different at each grade and for various academic areas.) 

N     Not satisfactory (this means that work showed minimal effort with much being incomplete and little to no growth demonstrated) 

I       Incomplete (this means that MUCH to MOST or all of the work was not done, partially done, and shows little to no effort.)

APRIL 15, 2020

Help your child practice Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) skills during the day.  These include using manners, taking turns, expressing themselves and their emotions clearly, and taking care of their responsibilities and tasks. 

An SEL reminder to use with your children to help them be the best person, friend, student, and citizen they can be would be to incorporate the acronym THINK before they speak or post to social media.  These THINK questions will help your child decide if what they want to say really should be said at all: 
   T = Is it TRUE
   H = Is is HELPFUL?
    I =  Is it INSPIRING?
   N = Is it NECESSARY
   K = Is it KIND?

Another technique to develop good social-emotional skills is to expect your child to say "I'm sorry..." when they do something they need to apologize for doing.  But "I'm sorry" all by itself is only part of what they need to acknowledge.  The real learning and taking accountability comes with saying "I am sorry for ________________________" and having the child insert a clear statement of what they did. 
For example:  I am sorry for pushing you down on the playground today.  It was unkind.


March, 2020

March has certainly taken us by surprise!
Covid 19 launched us into distance learning with incredible speed. 
Thank you, parents and students, for jumping in with gusto.  I know that this can be overwhelming, but it is incredibly important that we are all working toward the same goal:  Student Learning. 

Please contact your child's teacher with any questions you have.  Teachers are available by appt. or anytime between 7:45 am-3:45 pm via phone or email.


February 26, 2020

Thank you.... thank you... thank you, Minnesota Vikings, for your donation of a Vikings-branded flag football kit and curriculum book.  Our PE and sports programs will certainly make good use of that equipment.  Go VIKINGS!

February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day to our SUPER SWEET students, families, and community members.  We are so thankful for your support of RRC. 

ART matters at RRC.  Mr. Hubert and the classroom teachers strive to bring art experiences into the classroom, regardless of the grade.  Art is often built into other lessons, such as science and language, as an extension, a reflection, or part of a project.  Art gives each of us an opportunity to express ourselves in unique ways.  So.... encourage your kids to create -- draw, cut & paste, paint, sculpt, etc.  Art is a healthy way to share our feelings and ideas with others.  As it is Valentine's Day, I wanted to share with you a couple of tremendous examples of student-created (at home) 3rd grade Valentine's Boxes. 

Lincoln's box   Katie's box


January 28, 2020

Wow!  It is hard to believe that we are wrapping up January already.  This month has flown by. Let's recap some of our happenings in grades PreK - 4th. 

A BIG THANK you to Jacob Thompson, A Financial Associate with Thrivent Insurance in Plainview, MN. 
Your donation of t-shirts and approximately $200.00 in new books to Mrs. Mattison's 2nd grade classroom is greatly appreciated.  Your generosity supports students and literacy at Red Rock Central.

AR Green Ribbon Celebration 
January 29, 2020 - 43 students earned green ribbons through the Accelerated Reading Program @ RRC.  After hearing the story Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing, the students were challenged to use available materials to create a bridge capable of holding 21 counting bears. They needed to plan, predict, risk, experiment, and cooperate in order to get their task accomplished.  They were teams of budding engineers.  It was a delight to see and hear them working so innovatively together.  .
rainbow bridge AR activity

 See more photos here (links to AR album, first four photos are the newest!)

I'll Be the Dragon - Readers' Theatre - Grade 2
Mrs. Benedict's 2nd graders did a splendid job performing the readers' theatre:  I'll Be the Dragon.  The students' voices were loud, clear, and expressive.  The performance was complete with props and masks.  It demonstrated a lot of practice and hard work.  Well done, grade 2!  
2nd grade theater
See more photos here

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - Kindergarten Lesson on Diversity
Our kindergarteners learned many valuable lessons as they studied the message of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and experimented with brown and white eggs.  What did our RRC little ones learn?  While the eggs may look different on the outside, they are alike inside.  Both eggs had value.  Whether brown or white, the eggs were good and would be delicious cooked up.... No worries.... the kiddos did not do any raw egg taste-testing. How wonderful it is to know that while people are different, they are all important and have value.  :)
Kindergarten classroom
Kindergarten classroomKindergarten classroom

Lunch Dates with Mrs. Friesen (grades 3-4) 
During the months of Jan. & Feb. boy and girl groups in grades 3 & 4 take turns having special lunch dates with me.  These are fun times to chat, chill, and share some treats.  I really enjoy getting to know the kids better, and a small group over lunch is the perfect time to listen, learn, grow, and connect. Our 3rd and 4th graders are our elementary leaders, and it is important to help them develop their social skills which are critical to leadership.
Follow along with future lunch date photos here.
lunch date with Mrs. Friesen

Science Museum Solids, Liquids, and Gases Program - 
On Thursday, January 16th, Jessica Holm, a chemist and science instructor from the Science Museum, came to RRC.  She shared cool science information and asked oodles of questions.  Her fun experiements were engaging, and she had many students come up on the stage to help with her experiments.  The whole group learned about the properties of matter when in a solid, liquid, or gaseous state.  Thank you, Jessica.  Come visit us again.
science museum program

See more photos here.

PreK Students Learn to Bundle Themselves Up - 
Brrrrr... it's cold outside.
Our youngest RRC students are busy learning to put on and take off their winterwear.  It is quite a task to learn the ins and outs, zippers and snaps, and hoods and hats of getting ready to go outside to play.  Our 3 and 4 year olds are doing a great job of learning these important independent skills. 
PreK students in snow gear
See more photos here.


December 20, 2019 

Such an exciting day!  We kicked off the day with K-4 caroling in the cafeteria.  Twelve of our staff members shared an original and  realistic school version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas".  Fun!  We have many talented people at RRC.  Check out the pics in my photo gallery. 

Spelling Bee Finalists - Grades 2-4
Spelling Bee finalists were announce today in the classrooms.  The top 6 finalists will compete in an oral round on Jan. 8th for top honors for their grade.

2nd grade spellersGrade 2 Top Six Spellers :







      *There was a spell-off between Aaron and Allina for proper placement.

     Alternates:  Allina and Jayce

3rd grade spellersGrade 3 Top Six Spellers: 







     Alternates:  Carter & John

4th grade spellersGrade 4 Top Six Spellers: 







     Alternates:  Coyer & Asa



December 18, 2019

We are close to wrapping up 2019 and our PreK - 4th graders are totally in the holiday swing. Both the Grinch and Santa have visited our classrooms.  The holiday concert was a wonderful event and showcased the musical talents and skills of our students.  Thank you,  Mrs. Frasher and Mr. VanMaasdam, for preparing our students so well.  The concert was standing room only in our auditorium.  How exciting to have siblings, parents, grandparents, and community supporters show up to encourage our students. 

The elementary students will celebrate their Classroom Christmases with large group caroling, a Christmas G-rated movie, gift exchanges, and BINGO.  Celebrating with their peers is a fun way to head into the winter holiday break.  We look forward to seeing everyone back at RRC on January 2, 2020.  (It will take a while before I am comfortable typing that year.)  

As a reminder to parents, here are some ideas for keeping student minds sharp and engaged over the holiday break -- please read with your children over the holiday break.  Have them read to you.  Discuss what you are reading.  Have them write their own thank you notes. Encourage them to practice IXL at home.  Write Christmas story problems together to practice math and writing skills.  Count by 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's, 6's, 7's, 8's, 9's, 10's, 11's, 12's, 20's, 50's.... you get the idea.  Your children need YOU to promote learning at home for the holidays.  

Children in grades 2-4 who like to write are encouraged to write stories and poems over the break.  Bring them in to me in January, and I will help get them submitted to an area writing contest.  Go to for guidelines.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2020!  It is a joy to be at RRC working with your children.
                      Mrs. Friesen


November 21, 2019

Parent - Teacher Conferences 
It has been a busy month with both classroom and special activites.   I want to thank all of the parents who attended Parent-Teacher Conferences this month.  We had a wonderful turnout schoolwide.  Communication between parents and teachers plays an important role in every child's academic career.  When the home and school are on the same page and working together, children thrive.  Be sure to keep the communication going throughout the year.  Call the school any time with questions or comments.  We love to hear from parents and community members.  Feedback helps us all grow.  

Fire Safety Hugs to the Jeffers Fire Department 
Students in grades 1-4 received bright yellow and red water bottles from the Jeffers Fire Department in celebration of Fire Prevention Week.  What a treat!  At RRC we encourage our students to keep their water bottles at school during the week and take them home over the weekend to wash them.  It is important to keep our students hydrated.  According to US Department of Interiors (see website below), babies' bodies are about 78% water decreasing to about 60% when reaching adulthood.  More specifically, our heart and brain are extra thirsty organs, composed of  73% water, and our lungs contain 83% water.  In order to keep these vital organs and our students' bodies running optimally, water intake it extremely important.  Thanks again to the Jeffers Fire Department for helping us put the fire out on school problems by helping keep our students water happy and healthy.

Accelerated Reader Program (AR)
Students in grades 1-4 are involved in the AR program at RRC.  While the students are providced time in class for AR reading and complete a significant amount their AR goals in school, they are also encouraged to read at home - free reading or for AR.  If you have books at home, you can find the AR points for those books by going to the following website (also linked on this website under Elementary, AR Links).  This is quite a helpful tool.  PInk Ribbon goals need to be completed by the end of the school day on Nov. 27th.

Katie H with graphic booksWe love to write at RRC! Congratulations, Katie Hubert! 
What a joy it is to see students take personal initiative and write at home on their own.  Katie Hubert is an excellent example of this as she completed a four-book graphic mini-novel series and shared it with her class.  Katie wrote the content for and illustrated each of the four books under the series title "The Magic Show...".  Research supports the idea that reading paves the way to writing.  Most avid readers are also quality writers and vice versa.  Way to go, Katie; keep reading and writing.  Your creative talents are certainly showing.


October 25, 2019

Today is Grandparents' Day.  There is excitement around the school as the children (K-4) are anticipating the arrival of their grandparents.  Beginning with a musical prerformance in the auditorium at 1:45, the grandparents are sure to be impressed with what their grandchildren are doing at RRC.  We love celebrating our learning successes!
(Watch for photos to be posted.)

The AR (Accelerated Reader) program is a highly effective motivator for independent reading.  Students in grades 2-4 (1-4 midyear) select a book at their reading level, read it, answer a few comprehension questions online, and track their progress.  Monthly celebrations are held.  Students meeting their AR goals recieve ribbons and get to participate in a fun activity with other AR ribbon winners.  45 students met their goals in Sept. and they had a great time decorating pumpkins, which will be on display during Grandparents' Day. 
(Watch for photos to be posted.) 

Our RRC Kindergarten classes made FRIENDSHIP SALAD to celebrate their friendships.  The process of making the salad includes many references to kind and friendly behaviors.  This type of activity is one way our elementary students are learning to be good friends and citizens.  They are learning how to encourage, value, and care for one another emotionally and socially.  We value social-emotional learning at all levels as a means of promoting a positive school culture and enriching environment for growing.
recipe for Friendship Salad


October 11, 2019: 

Our kindergarteners traveled to Mankato today to visit the Children's Museum of Southern Minnesots.  Their study was "Digging into Soil and Compost".  Doesn't that sound fun and messy!  Just right for keeping the attention of 40 curious kindergarteners.  Even the chaperones learned a few things.  
Check out the museum via the website below.  It would make a fun weekend excursion for your family.

Fire Prevention Week was celebrated at RRC with a visit by several brave fire fighters with their super cool truck.  We are so lucky to have the Lamberton Fire Chief on our school staff.... thanks for your service TOM.  Our 2nd and 3rd graders put together 80 treat bags for our area firefighters from Sanborn, Storden, Jeffers, and Lamberton.  We appreciate all that they do to keep our RRC families safe. 

firemen art project

Hive Five Firemen:

Kindergarten project for Fire Prevention Week


September 11, 2019:

Elementary photos will be taken Friday, September 13th.

Thursday, September 12th, Grade 4 will go out to the environmental center for half a day of learning. 

The elementary theme this year is CARNIVAL. Take a walk down the elementary hall and check out the dynamic and inviting classroom entries.  Our teachers have gone all out to celebrate school and each child who enters their doors. Follow this link to see some photos of our classrooms' decorated doors.